When we think of working out, it’s usually for goals associated with looking good. Feeling good in a bikini, losing body fat, gaining muscle, looking good in clothes and on and on. Rarely ever do you hear about people wanting to feel better when they get out of bed, be able to move better while they dance, not ache when you go up steps, or have more energy in general. Those aren’t usually the goals you see as a personal trainer in the fitness industry, unless you are working with an athlete. A good trainer may want those goals for their client, but the client goals supercede the trainers goals for them. As a trainer, you have to sneak in your goals for the client, because in most cases, your client will care about numbers on the scale. As a client, you need to take what your goals are into consideration. Do you want to look good at all costs, or do you want to be able to move better, for the rest of your life, and enjoy being the healthiest you can be? Most people don’t work out to reduce health risks and never have their knees hurt again. Part of this is because the media bombards us with ridiculous advertisements on getting in shape in thirty days, or fat to fit stories in six weeks. The problem with THAT, is that it doesn’t set you up for the rest of your life. Your big goal is that six week transformation. What happens after that? Unless you have an exit plan that involves changing all the old habits for good, you’ll go back to the beginning every couple months. I guess what I think ideally most people should have as their goals, is to be healthy as they can be, train to move better every session, eat foods that are nutritious, amd get stronger, more flexible, and injury proof. If those are your goals, looking good just happens. Our goals have been misguided. What good is a six pack when you can’t stand up straight?