I remember dating someone years ago that would tell me that they were working out when I know they actually never did.  Now, I understand why someone would want to tell me something like that, so I don’t think I’m incompatible with them, but why do people do that on the daily?  Is it because they are afraid people will think less of them?  And for those of you who think this doesn’t happen, you are either in complete denial, or it’s you who does it.  It happens in different ways.  When I get with a new client, or even sometimes my current ones, they tell me how they eat like the healthiest person on the planet when in reality, they might be eating more like contestants on The Biggest Loser BEFORE they get chosen for the show. 
     In any case, it doesn’t help anyone.  The lie might get them out of a scolding or having to own up to their decisions in the meantime, but bottom line, their results in life will tell the truth.  I’d love to say it’s an uncommon occurrence, but it’s not at all.  Saving face in the present gives you a fatter one in the future 🙂  It is better to own up and figure out what exactly you did wrong, and how to remedy that situation so it doesn’t happen any more.  It also doesn’t make you look good when you tell people you are in the gym for two hours a day, you eat just lean proteins and veggies, you get a ton of sleep… But then you are still the same weight you’ve always been and can’t do a pushup or squat without tearing a muscle.
     If you are going to talk about all your healthy habits, you might as well play the part.  It can only HELP the illusion 😉