I’m saddened by the state of fitness today. The reason I’m saddened by this is because we’ve been so conditioned, so misled to focus on the wrong things about fitness. We’ve been misled to focus on our ABS and bikini bodies, but totally neglect that none of us can move in a way that doesn’t cause us pain. We’re in a systematic process of doing things that don’t
keep us thriving.  We are looking to fix our diet by GOING on diets and pills and supplements instead of learning the right things to eat.  We’re fixated on losing weight and working out the longest and the fastest and the hardest.

     We should be fixated on how we can move with precision, how we can move to decrease pain and move more fluidly without the risk of injury.  We don’t know what we don’t know! The fact that we haven’t been taught moving more and learning how to move will actually get us the body we want instead of doing some routine that some so called expert has designed to get us in the “best shape of your life”.  This has been so misguided by years and years of society and the media telling us that a certain look is what we should strive to achieve. 

     The fact that we judge our workouts based on how hard they are rather than how much work we have done and how much progress you are making. This is further exacerbated by the gyms themselves.  Is about the aesthetics and the amenities rather than the actual work put in.  We put the value on swanky locker rooms, hardwood floors, the amount of TV’s on cardio machines and eucalyptus towel service rather than the instruction given, it’s not a wonder that people base their workouts on how much it hurts.

     I’m a little sick of it because people are being taught to not care about their health, and just care about what they look like which has nothing to do with their health.  People should be focusing on the actual health of their body, how it moves and functions and is fueled.  As an extra benefit, your body would look the way you wanted it to as well.  I’m afraid to say to the American public and to the people who have bought into CrossFit and bodybuilding, P90x, our 75 minute hot yoga, spin class, we have been severely misled.
     Now, we can either keep going in this direction,  or we can do something about it.  We can learn to move with purpose and safety, and thrive in health.