There’s a lot of buzz right now about a documentary on Netflix called What The Health.  It was an interesting take on not eating meat.

I’ll be honest.  The people were definitely trying to scare you into never eating meat, saying it causes diabetes and sugar does not.  There were a few things in the doc that I don’t think were proven, like Steve-O from Jackass saying that at a diabetes research fundraiser they were serving chicken, and that was akin to giving alcohol to alcoholics… Come on, man!  Where is that data coming from?

If you watched this video, you probably got a little shocked with some of the info.  Some of it is downright silly, like when he confronts a doctor who gave him a little time for an interview with a study the doctor has never seen, asking him to comment on the study.  Slightly ridiculous.

I do not agree with all of this documentary, but what you CAN take away from it, is that eating more of a plant based diet, or EATING MORE VEGETABLES is probably healthier than what you are currently doing.  Regardless of what you believe or your take on this documentary, that is probably fact.  We don’t eat enough green stuff, or stuff of the earth.

There were lots of contradictions in the documentary, but take that one thing away from it, and start to monitor your veggie intake.  I bet you’ll be surprised at how low it really is.