We are not a gym. Our goal isn’t to help you “gain muscle and lose fat”. Will that happen? Yes. Is that our main objective? No. We want you to LIVE. Live life, how you want to. Our objective is to increase your ability to LIVE. We help you increase your quality of life through exercise. Focused and fundamental movementthat allows you to explore your body’s biomechanics OUTSIDE the gym. Better balance for activities on vacation like paddle boarding or skiing. Better strength to be able to lift things like your children or your luggage. Better cardiovascular capacity for that hike you’ve always wanted to do or that race you wanted to run. Better movement quality so you don’t throw out your back just from reaching into your backseat or from a round of golf. We are a movement center. We increase your ability to move… you just get to burn calories and fat, and build muscle while you are here. We get you off the bike and treadmill and get you to MOVE. We don’t just get you to move up and down.  You really MOVE here. That’s really what we want…Freedom. Freedom to do what we want to do in life. You can get that here. We are not a gym.