We are not a gym.  We make sure YOU know what you are doing.  We program our workouts to progressively challenge your busy to adapt and change, from a scientific perspective.  A gym let’s you do your own thing, doesn’t make training modifications when you need them,  and allows you to waste your time just “exercising”.  We have purpose to your movement to actually get you stronger.

We are not a gym.  We don’t randomly just keep repeating “good job” when obvious improvements in movement can be made to increase the effectiveness of it or decrease the risk. We show you the how, get you to understand the why and allow you to put into practice what keeps you safe, healthy, and helps you progress. We allow you to actually DO a good job, rather than just say you are.

We are not a gym. We don’t stick you on a treadmill for half your workout, and hope that’s enough to make you tired. We teach you how to challenge your body appropriately, so when you go for a run, you know how to challenge yourself. When you go on vacation, you can make up a training session with whatever is available.

We are not a gym. We don’t just lift things up and put them down. We can do that, but we also jump, hop, pull, push, turn, throw, swing, chop, bounce, pedal, toss, shuffle, uppercut, carry, balance, and on and on. We do the human movement thing, which not only helps increase your strength but also increases your health.

We are not a gym. We care about your progress and not just the cool kids. We’re all cool here. Everyone that comes in the studio, we give you feedback on what will help YOU get to what your goals are. We don’t just let you work out and leave. We help you shore up the things you need to work on to completely upgrade your health on a physical, mental, and spiritual scale.

We are not a gym. We don’t cater to just anyone who wants to pay us. We don’t give you the “easy work”. We put a challenge in front of you that involves focus, being mindful of your brain and your body, and how to connect the two.

Some people want a gym. We are not a gym. We are a human health and performance center that uses movement to increase the quality of life for people who are looking to increase their quality of life.