It’s getting warm here in Las Vegas! This means I’m going to start taking my personal training clients outside soon. For all of you who want to get some workouts done outdoors, I have a few tips for you. When you are working out outside, you have to remember to hydrate. Sometimes we don’t realize how hard we are actually working out when we leave the gym, and you DO lose a lot of water being outside. Ever seen people at the pool who aren’t even doing much but they get carted off in an ambulance because of dehydration? Yeah. Ok, next step. Wear layers. You’ll find out at first, you’ll think it’s too cold, then all of a sudden you be dripping sweat. Be prepared to get naked:). Another thing, if you want variety, go to a park. You’ll find playground equipment, benches, and some parks even have workout challenges posted around the park. This gives you tons of options to play around with. And lastly, run fast. When you are outside, go all out. Have fun, be a kid again and get dirty!