There are so many things now to take your attention off of caring for yourself. It’s much harder now, with all these apps and video platforms and “must watch” shows and new restaurants and clubs and pools etc.

You are still you. And if you don’t take care of that, those other things become less enjoyable for a lot less time.

What a dynamic world we live in. Way more opportunities to “enjoy life”, but the same amount of opportunity to live it.

We continue to increase the ways we can be lazy or waste time. Is this a good thing?

We are becoming less and less physical as humans and more and more digital.

Can you imagine yourself in a hovering chair, like in Wall-E? Sometimes these mo ies go unnoticed. Because we always think, “well, we’re not like THAT”… how? How are we not like “that”? Every moment of our being right now is about “relaxing”. Getting home from work to “relax”. Taking the weekend to “relax”. “Enjoying” food. Working to make money so we can “relax”. Driving ourselves to inactivity. No longer spending time outside, moving our physical body, playing. We get too old to play…Or we get too lazy to. It’s generally the latter. The decisions we make on the day to day condition us to not move, be less able to when we need to, which drives us to not moving more. If we don’t watch ourselves, movement and play will become obsolete in our society. For some of us, it already has.

This is your wake up call. Be physical. Choose to move. Choose to have food be your source of nourishment, not comfort. Spend time DOING things, not having them done for you. Get outside. Live a LIFE. Walk your dog. Not for 5 minutes but for an hour. Exercise. Not on an elliptical while watching Netflix, but really ENGAGE.

Life begets life.