I do TRX training a lot in my workouts, because, well… I love it. And I know, that since I love it, I’ll be excited about my workouts, and in turn, look forward to doing them. I think that all of Las Vegas should come check out my TRX classes, because, I think they will ALSO love it. But my point isn’t that TRX is for everyone (even if I think it is). My point is to find something that you like to do. If you detest lifting weights, how often do you think you are going to come up with some sort of excuse as to why you aren’t consistent with doing it? For example, I hate running, unless a ball is involved. If you told me to run a mile, I would come up with every answer in the book as to why I don’t do it. My feet/knees/back hurt when I run, I can’t go right now because I have to do the dishes, Tyrone (my four legged son) likes only to sprint, and on and on. But, if you ask me to play basketball, which involves running, I’m the first to shoot. So here it is. The secret to consistency. Find something you LOVE doing. Not just enjoy, but really LOVE. Whether it’s TRX, or Zumba, or Spinning, or racquetball, or whatever, if you LOVE, I repeat, LOVE it, you’ll find time to do it. There are PLENTY of ways to get up and moving. You just have to find the one that really suits you. So if you think you will love TRX Suspension Training, give it a shot.