If you haven’t tried TRX Suspension Training, I suggest you do. It’s not your average every day workout, and you’ll learn more in one session, than you likely will going at it with Shaun T, or Tony Horton in any amount of DVD’s. If you don’t know what it is, basically it’s exercising using your bodyweight as resistance through a few strategically placed positions and a couple of straps. That’s the simplest way to put it. Sounds simple enough, but the amount of different exercises you can do is pretty much endless, because you can do variations of exercises, using one side of the body, both sides, one leg, two legs, feet suspended by your toes, feet suspended by your ankles, facing the anchor point, away from the anchor point, side facing, straps shortened or lengthened, deep vector angle, shallow vector angle…. I think you get the point. But then most guys will automatically stop once I say bodyweight. I have actually gained strength and muscle size using the TRX, and I have also gained mobility and flexibility. It’s pretty much the best of all worlds. Women love the fact that you aren’t pushing around heavy weights, that will make you “bulky”, because you gain muscle fast, right? Most women do. Ok. You are the only one. Promise. Back to TRX. It’s just going to make you look and feel great. You should try one of the classes. Get a different take on fitness. Maybe something you haven’t been doing, is the answer to all your fitness goals.