I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. I’m not here to tell you what you are doing is wrong, but if you are looking to me for help, I’ve gotta do my part. The way most people look at how to change is backwards. They think they can just hit that ole’ 180 degree turn and quit drinking alcohol, stop eating sugar, ban going out to eat and start eating dry broccoli immediately. They think they can go from binge watching Bridgerton and America’s Got Talent to waking up at 4am for that 5 mile interval run, followed by pilates and olympic lifting. Got news for ya. Not gonna happen. If it does, it probably isn’t gonna happen for long.

What we need to understand here is human behavior. You don’t just stop. There are SOME circumstances where that does happen. Fear can be a strong motivator. Death isn’t super attractive to most people. We all inherently know all or nothing is not a good mindset to have. If we thought otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this, you’d be binge watching yet ANOTHER show. So what is it we CAN do as humans. Sprinkle in. Visit and Re-visit. Make certain things part of your life so they can continue on, and then improve them.

Take vegetables. Of course they are wonderful for us. Nutritious, “cleansing”, healthy, etc. If you only eat french fries, you are going to be hard pressed to get 6 servings of REAL veggies in tomorrow. But what if I said just get one green vegetable in each day this week? Seems pretty attainable, yeah? No harm done in eating a cucumber or some grilled asparagus, right? Add that lettuce to your sandwich or whatever. Then next week, maybe get a green and an orange one on two days, and a green on all the others. You SURELY can do that, right? Simple. Carrots and Celery with ranch, anyone? Then week 3, try to do orange and green every day. You are on a roll! This is easier than you thought. By week 4, we are even doing 3 veggies without anyone even asking!

How much easier does that sound than “eat 6 different veggies tomorrow”? The problem with us as humans is we are collectively VERY impatient. That one veggie a day isn’t going to give us any real immediate result, so we decide not to take that journey at all. We try immediately to turn it all around so we feel totally different in 3 days, or else we don’t consider the leap worth it. We can’t see the forest through the trees, so our pursuit is neglected. And then we wonder what would’ve happened had we started last year or 6 months ago or whenever. how many pounds lighter could I have been, how much fat could I have lost, how much energy could I have saved and how much more productive would I have been had I just done “the thing” all along?

We need to embrace SLOW change. That slow change starts with habits we know are good for us that result in little to no benefit… at first. We cannot seek to grab a return on investment so quickly. No one really does that well with things like money. That’s called gambling. Mostly those people lose out. Sure, there are a few lucky “winners”, but there is a reason casinos look like they do, and it’s not because everyone wins when they visit. The slow change is putting in the time, the effort and the seemingly unappreciated grind. That grind may go one for one month, 2 months, 6 months with little to no return and then something weird happens. You realize you are waking up earlier, on your own, you are wearing smaller sizes, you have more energy throughout the day, and you realize you DO have a return on investment.

Slow change. Small habits that are easy to implement, and then improve on those habits once they become part of you. Have a good day.