They say it can’t be done.  You can’t get stronger doing just ONE Rep of an exercise!  That’s ludicrous speed!  Wellll….. Let me make you think slightly differently about that one rep idea. 

     I’m not going to tell you to do 28 different variations of the same exercise one time, nor am I going to say load up all the weights on everything and do it once.  I need you to think about one rep in a different way: the rep you are doing, right now. 

     In general, when we strength train, we look at exercises in terms of sets of however many repetitions.  Our goal is to do the prescribed amount of reps, so form sometimes goes to the wayside.  When that happens, the quality of our work goes down as well.  Your muscles FEED off the quality and amount of work you put them through.  If we don’t feed the little guys, they never grow up to be big, strong guys.  Quality repetitions that challenge our movements and muscles are what make us stronger, not some imaginary number and “goal”.   Focus on the “one rep” at hand, EVERY hand.  Your goal isn’t to get to 10 or 12 or even 6.  The goal should be to make that one rep the absolute best rep for the desired outcome:  getting stronger.  Then make the very next “one rep”  have the same goal.  If you get to that other imaginary number… Great.  If you don’t, maybe you don’t yet  have the strength to get to that amount of work yet.

 If we don’t focus on the “one rep” at hand, what happens is we fall apart on the way to some made up place, and our shoddy craftsmanship shows in the results: a poor performing body that doesn’t work or look the way we want it to. 

     There is no shortcut to getting strong, but if we focus on One Rep at a time, we won’t lose our way.