Afternoon, Evening, or Good Morning! Wherever you are, I’m just writing a quick blog post to let you know we are starting a new challenge at TCPT today, and it’s a little different than before. We’ll have accountability coaches and that sort of thing, just like always, but we have dedicated workouts just for the challenge, which we’ve never had. They’ll be offered MWF 3 times a day, and once a day on Saturday and Sunday. Should be a fun time. You’ll get sample meal plans, as well as our traditional workout and nutrition guidelines. Participants will belong to a private facebook page, as well as get group emails and have an online journal to keep. We’ll be doing 2 seminars and the progress reports, but also have a few surprises in store. I’m excited to get this underway. If you don’t live in Las Vegas and still want to do the challenge, we will be offering it up online for the first time ever! We’re going to have a blast, and I hope everyone participates and decides to make that change with the man in the mirror!