Everyone talks about how they don’t know what to eat.  Not true.  Everyone who is above high school knows what they SHOULD be eating, we just decide to get confused by marketing tactics, the newest “diets” and quick fixes.  The food industry PREYS on our impatience, and we fall for it over and over again.  We look at nutrition in a few different ways:

-quick fixes

-newest trendy diets

-ease of implementation


-what “in shape people” eat


Quit confusing yourself.  Stop being an idiot for a couple seconds, and know what you know.  There is no magic pizza, pills or product that will change your body composition.  You KNOW that eating leaner proteins and vegetables will help you get in shape.  That should be the base of your nutrition.  I’ll say it again:  Lean Proteins and Vegetables.  I’m not saying to ONLY eat this, but base it around this.  Add a little bit of “carbs” like fruit and brown rice, and a little bit of fat from nuts, and seeds, and oils, and Voila!  Nutrition.

Stop making it this really confusing thing.  Start with the basics.  I bet you really haven’t done that yet.  There are so many choices, we almost forget that eating the food we used to know as food is the answer.  Not powders, drinks, specific combinations of macronutrients and science projects where your blood is being drawn for optimum nutrition.  Start with what has been proven time and time again to be what we need.  A variety of Fruits, vegetables, proteins and some extras are all you need.