A diet is a temporary eating plan. You see people go on the South Beach Diet, the HCG Diet, the Blood Type Diet, the Paleo Diet, dieting for their fitness competition, dieting for a wedding, dieting for their high school reunion, and on and on and on. What else comes with all those grandiose plans? Weight gain. Think about it for a second. Take the HCG diet. We all know someone who was on it and was like, “yeah! It totally worked for me! I lost like 15 pounds in the first two weeks!” yet they are sitting in front of you, two months later with that 15 pounds back on them, and a few extra for good measure. Take a fitness competitor. They sometimes diet for what, 16 weeks? They basically deprive themselves of all food that isn’t broccoli or white fish, and come into their show, just shredded. Those last few weeks, these people look like anatomy charts. It’s insane how much muscle you can see in their physiques. Fast forward to three weeks after their competition. A lot of these people, at this point, when they tell you they compete, you look at them like they are Ray Charles saying he’s an Olympic skeet shooter. Unbelievable. My point is this. These diets, don’t really work. They work, temporarily, but eventually, your body will catch up to the fact that you are basically starving it, and then all hell will break loose. You’ll finally go on that binge, and throw on the lbs you lost, and then some. It happens to EVERYONE I know who has been on any of these popular diets, with the exception of Paleo, because I don’t really know too many people who eat that way. I think it’s a “diet” that’s slightly more in the right direction, but jury is still out. I know people who do juice fasting, and don’t really understand how to do it, and then as soon as they reintroduce actual food, here comes the BOOM! What we need to do, is learn how to give “real eating” a chance. I have a few clients who go from this diet, to the next, and then the next, because they either don’t lose weight fast enough, gain weight back, or both. My philosophy is this. If you eat REAL, nutritious food, you won’t have any problems looking the way you want to look, with a decently designed exercise program. Give your body a chance to adjust to the fact that you are actually feeding it nutrients it is supposed to naturally get, and you’ll be amazed at the results you see, and FEEL. The problem I see, is that living in this, “I want it now” world that we do, everyone loses patience in the things that actually might work, but just might take longer to see the results. Why do you think there is a diet for every day of the week? They know you can’t last on any of them, so they tweak one little thing, and call it a new idea, and everyone runs for it likes it’s finally the one we’ve been looking for. I’ve never dieted, but I’ve always stayed in relatively good shape. I think that’s because for the most part, I eat real food, that is not good, but GREAT for me, and I eat a lot of it. When I finally do want something bad, I can eat it, because the REAL food I’ve been eating, is doing so much good for me, that I can afford to slip up from time to time. Make it a habit, not a diet, and you’ll get the results you want. You keep going from diet to diet, and you’ll end up spending more money on the newest pills and gimmicks that make the health and fitness industry worth billions.