We’ve been planning this for a month now, but the time is upon us. 360 Empowerment Day is right around the corner and we’ve never been more excited to bring you something that will not only IMMEDIATELY improve your health, but also make you UNDERSTAND it more. If we take a little time to educate and pay attention to what is going on, we’ll have a better idea of how to improve or elevate what that is!


Date: September 12th (This Sunday)

Time: 12-3pm

Place: Tony Cress Training Center, 178 N. Pecos Rd. #100 Henderson, NV 89074

Who: You, Us, and a few vendors like Hummus Bowls, Restore Henderson, and Calico Racing

What: A day to eat healthy, learn more about your movement, watch people accomplish goals and be a person who does. Maybe sign up for a race, who knows?!

Why: Because you don’t want to live a life that isn’t the best one you could.