Every so often, I think i should come back around here to give you my version of what I intend for Tony Cress Training Center to be. Obviously we do some things on a couple sides, with Rock Steady Boxing for people with Parkinson’s and then our own programming for “fitness”, although I would say it isn’t really about fitness, but more about longevity in movement and health. We want you to not only look strong, but BE strong. We’d like you to be able to move however you want, have your training play into the activities you like to take part in, decrease pain in your every day life, and increase the enjoyment in it.

I’ve had a few awakenings in the last couple weeks in regards to how I should be thinking about what we do at the Training Center. We provide an advanced level of movement/fitness philosophy. Not everyone I know is ready for that actualization. There is burning calories and fat loss, and that may be what most people are looking for in the general populace. Although you will do those things in our house, those aren’t the things we focus on as drivers. That is a by-product of what we do. Our main focus is improving HOW you move to get the most out of WHEN you move.

Instead of looking at volume, we try to emphasize a movement QUALITY. When we do this, the volume takes care of itself because of the effectiveness of each and every rep. We’d like you to get the most out of every rep instead of doing a lot of reps that may not give you the stimulus had you been more focused on the how.

This brings me to the point of understanding that we are not for everyone. A lot of people would like to zone out from their workouts. If that’s you, we may not be up your alley. The whole philosophy behind what we do at TCTC is improving your movement quality and your overall control of your body, including expressing strength, coordination, speed, agility and balance. If you aren’t focused on your training, you’ll end up with sub-optimal results, and probably sub-optimal happiness with those results. Ultimately, if you do want to focus on what you are doing and improving your control over your physical body, then come on with it. If not, this ain’t it for you, my friend.

Regardless of what you would like to do, what OUR mission for you is to make you a better human through the expression of your physical body. When you increase the quality there, it will spill over in other aspects of your life to improve your overall health and wellness, living with vitality and enjoyment.

Our team at TCTC is ALL IN on this mission. If you want to be involved or have more questions, just ask.