Let’s say you have a photo shoot in Las Vegas in 5 days. But, you don’t think you are photo shoot ready. What are some of the things you can do? You can starve yourself, which usually isn’t very painless. You can take water pills, which also isn’t healthy. And you could do sauna, garbage bag suit thing, and cardio for 5 hours a day. None of which sounds fun. I have a simple solution, which in itself, plays with your emotions, and your discipline, but works. It literally is ONE change, that can visibly affect your body in as little as 5 days. Here it is. Every time you eat, have a source of protein, and a vegetable. Most of us humans don’t do this. So let’s say everyone knows the chicken and broccoli, but what about Tuna and asparagus? Or Salmon and green beans? How about turkey breast and spinach. You could even do this with supplements. Whey protein shake and carrots. Even a recovery shake and celery. I’m not saying to not have other sources of food, but keep them minimal. If a 5 day fix is what you really want, which in my opinion, shouldn’t have to happen in the first place, this is how you do it without killing yourself. don’t do the dumb cleanses, or not eating, or water pills. Be smart about it. On a side note, I would like to say thank you to Jessica Otero, from Infinite Labs, for hooking me up with some of their product. I’m excited to try out this Juggernaut stuff!