The difference between results and standing still is effort, but that’s not all. Just trying really hard might not get you to where you want to go. If you are putting forth 100% effort into the wrong things, the results you want won’t be there when you want them. If your goal is to do 100 pushups, but you spend your time jumping rope, you might get a little better at pushups, but you won’t really reach your goal without developing strength in your upper body. A lot of people at the gyms, even some in mine (gasp!) aren’t doing the right things to reach their goals. Just because you come and work out really hard, don’t expect results. If all you are doing is making an effort for 3 hours a week, you aren’t going to get the results you would hope to achieve. That’s great that there’s 100% effort there, but it also needs to be put in other places, like nutrition, rest, and recovery. If you drink every weekend, you aren’t actually putting 100% effort into your goal. Same thing, if you are trying to do 100 perfect pushups, you need to practice perfect pushups, not average makeshift pushups, or squatting. Figure out what your goals are, and attack them with 100% effort. If you don’t actually know what that means, ask your nearest fitness and health professional. We’re good at this sort of thing.