OK. I normally don’t do random quick information. I usually have some underlying agenda, that is the lesson to be learned through my blog. Today, I am just going to tell you how to lose weight, and get ripped up in a hurry. This really isn’t rocket science, or even brain surgery. Which one would you rather try to do without having any knowledge of either? I think I would try rocket science, but I would stay FAR, FAR away when those rockets went off if I had anything to do with them. Anyway. On to how to get you turned into a lean, mean, fitness machine. Really, the secret to this whole thing is three words. Fruits and Vegetables. That’s it. I know this works for me, and unless you have some sort of “thyroid condition”, it will work for you. If you decide to base your diet on fruits and vegetables, weight will come off… period. When I need to get lean, what I do is have a goal in mind, for how many fruits and vegetable servings I take in a day. Most people, I will bet you, don’t even get a total of four, so this is probably a good number for you to start with. Don’t worry about your protein content, or your carbs and fats. Just try to get 4 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Try to even them out too. If you are already doing this, try for 6. If you are already doing THAT, try for 8, and so on. If you are really killing it, i dare you to try to get 5 servings of veggies, and 5 of fruit, a day. Still eat whatever else you normally would like to, but fill yourself with the fruits and vegetables first. Get your protein shakes, or chicken and rice as well, but make the fruits and vegetables first and foremost. Give this a few weeks. When I started implementing this diet technique, I lost about 10 pounds in four weeks. I didn’t really change anything else to be honest. My workouts were the same, and I didn’t really do any extra cardio. This works. You don’t really need to know why, but it does help curb eating things that will keep weight on you, or even add to your weight. Try it out, give it a few weeks, and if you don’t start getting leaner, you can come and blow up my rocket.