I have come up with a quick way to lose fat. It’s called liposuction. I will make millions off of this invention. I’m going to quit my job in Las Vegas as a personal trainer, and open a “liposuction studio”. Wait. What’s that you say? this liposuction thing has already been invented? Are you sure? Ok. Well, scratch that then. I’ll just take good old fashioned science as my business. The goal for my company would be to lose fat in a timely manner, and learn how to keep it off. Oh, this liposuction thing takes it off immediately? Oh. Hmm… Does it fix how you eat? NO? How much does it cost? HOW MUCH? Wow. So, it must be permanent then? NO? OK. So you are telling me, that this “liposuction”, a quick way to lose fat, costs thousands of dollars, isn’t permanent, and doesn’t teach you good nutrition habits? So, more than likely, you’ll be getting it again? Sounds like that HCG thing everyone is talking about. How about, we practice just a little patience, and LEARN how to eat, and train, the proper ways to lose fat quickly? If we change our habits, rather than spend tons of cash on looking good tomorrow for a fleeting minute, we can look good everyday for the rest of our lives. Find some good nutrition information. talk to your personal trainer, or a nutrition specialist, for guidance. As far as your fitness, talk to your certified trainer, or exercise specialist on direction for your workouts. The money you spend here, will be far less than the money you spend at my liposuction store, and you’ll learn a lot more, and realize, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars if you build the house yourself. Learn a strong foundation, and you’ll realize weight loss is simple. just keep hacking at it, and results will come. But it’s a methodical game. No instant gratification. No shortcuts. You cheat your way through things, and you’ll never learn how to get out of a bind, this one being gaining body fat. Question the subject matter when you hear of a quick way to lose fat.