For the general public, Fitness is mostly an afterthought or a luxury. If we can get around to it, we’ll do it, or if we have time, we’ll try to get a workout in.  Most of the feedback population doesn’t look at fitness as a priority, which is why we see so many overweight and obese people in our communities.  Health just isn’t an as very important, regardless of the benefits people tell you it has. 
     When we do actually incorporate fitness into our lives, it comes one of two ways.  We are either reacting to something, or proactively taking control of something.  When we are practicing Proactive Fitness, this means you are attacking something BEFORE it happens.  We keep with our workouts, nutrition and rest because we want to keep living a productive life and keep negative health aspects like weight gain, poor brain health and disease at bay.  When we are practicing Reactive Fitness, we are responding to something that has happened to us, which at times, we can never fully recover from.  We start exercising because we gained twenty pounds since high school, or we start eating more vegetables because the doctor said it would help with our diabetes.  These are the two choices we have, in reality.  The third choice is to do nothing, which should not be an option for anyone with a sense of respect for themselves.

     Now the choice you have, is to proactively address your health or wait until something happens.  If that something has already happened, you can counteract the effects of whatever it is by eating better and exercising.  A lot of times that’s the ONLY option that ISN’T a band-aid,only covering up the underlying issues.  If nothing is outwardly won’t with you though, you can choose to live a life that keeps issues at bay and helps you live a vibrant, healthy, productive life that at the end of each day, you’ll be thankful it happened.  
     Will you be proactive or reactive?