When you work out, do you think about anything in particular? If you get personal training, are you thinking about the exercises you are doing, or is your mind wandering? Do you feel the muscles that are called upon for each exercises, or do you just go through the motions, until the desired number of repetitions are completed. A lot of your gains in fitness have to do with your mind, connecting to your muscles. If you don’t think about your six pack working, how do you know it is? If you don’t feel your hamstrings tighten in a curl, are you really getting the most out of that workout. You have to know the feeling of using muscles. So what i suggest to you is this. Do a yoga class, or start doing more balance exercises. It’s amazing how you might feel when everything you do is on one leg. All of a sudden, muscles throughout your foot, around your knee, and hip, are activated. Muscles you didn’t know could get tired, get tired. In yoga, you have to learn balance as well. Learning how to contract the right muscles, will give you bigger gains in the weight room, and will also keep you away from injuries. So, go meditate already.