Just ate at Spicy Tuna in Las Vegas. You guys should really check it out. I went with my old roommate from college, who happens to live here too. I found out he lived here from his ex-girlfriend before I moved here, so I found him at his work, and eventually i ended up personal training with him, taking him through his workouts. Now he is a little ball of muscle! Haha. Anyway. Just giving you guys an update on what is going to be happening at the website. I have a great designer doing some amazing things right now. Eventually, I am going to turn the site very interactive. What’s to come in the following weeks you ask? Well, A few things I’ll be doing is adding an exercise library, where you can have access to over 150 different exercises to tickle your workout. I will also be doing more pre packaged workouts. Some that will be available in the coming weeks are for basketball, butts, and an ultimate abs workout. I will also be doing online video conferencing, where i will have a live streaming video forum talking about your fitness routines, as well as what I am doing with some of my different clients. I just wanted to give you guys a little update, and let you know, things that are happening. Fitness Camp starts tomorrow, so I need to get to an early sleep. have a great night everyone.