So I am at the Las Vegas Women’s Fair today, and I have my personal trainer booth. This was a great opportunity to be part of a huge social gathering, bringing different areas of life into one convention center. Massage Therapy, Hair Care, Back Specialists, Nightclubs, Party Girls, and on and on. Our booth was giving away 12 free personal training sessions, to get you the body you deserve. most people were signing up to enter to win, but some people, who definitely needed the workout, were saying that they weren’t interested, or it was too tough. My question is this. How do they know the work out will be too tough. I wish sometimes people would just admit what is really going on. “No thanks. I’m lazy, and I don’t think I would want to exercise, because it would involve work, and I just am not interested in that.” I wish people would say that. We had a drawing for FREE TRAINING. They didn’t have to pay. All that was needed was an email address, and they had a chance to regain their fitness. We did have a lot of interest, but I was more puzzled by the people who weren’t interested, because, it almost tells me you don’t really value your life. If someone is offering something for free, to better your quality of life, wouldn’t you take it? I don’t know, maybe that’s just me, but if someone told me that i could feel better about myself, have fun with exercise, live longer, learn about nutrition, have more knowledge about my health, and maybe get a six pack, all for free, I think i might be signing up for that. Anyway. All in all women’s fair was a great experience. Met some great people, some interesting products, and I liked the fact I was the only personal trainer there. We were right across from Jazzercise, so…… That was interesting. Anyway, if someone offers you free fitness, take them up on it. Have a great night.