It’s the holiday season here in Las Vegas, and I am personal training less clients this month. It’s December, and people just finished up with Thanksgiving and now it’s on to Christmas time. A lot of people give me reasons for not working out. They are just too busy with the holidays, preparing Thanksgiving meals and gift shopping for Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, The Day of Satan, whatever religion you are into. So I guess I should be understanding. These people will pick their fitness routines back up in the new year. But guess what.. I’m not understanding. I don’t get why two days are a reason to set back a whole month. Last I checked, Christmas and Thanksgiving are about a month apart. It’s funny I’m getting calls from people saying they want to personal train with me, but they want to wait til after the holidays when they are focused. Listen. If it’s going to be your goal after the holidays, why is it not your goal now? I believe that’s a classic case of procrastination. Or maybe it’s not really your goal at all. Whatever the case, I don’t get it. If I could get a six pack in 4 less weeks, I would jump on that exercise train. Happy holidays everyone. Enjoy your month long shopping extravaganza!