So, I have been a personal trainer in Las Vegas for about 5 years now, 12 in total. And it never ceases to amaze me, in this quest for fitness, that some trainers, aren’t really helping their clients, they are helping themselves. I see that this is even more evident in Las Vegas. Now, there are TONS of good trainers out here, and tons of people taking their clients to the next level, designing amazing work outs, great nutrition plans, and sculpting six packs. But there are also quite a few personal trainers out here, that are basically wasting people’s time, charging a high rate because they know people have money out here, and they can get away with it. Case in point. I was at Las Vegas Athletic Club the other day, and I was watching a female trainer, do a superset with her client. The superset happened to be leg extensions and Barbell Deadlifts. Now, I don’t have a problem with either of these exercises. I wouldn’t ever have my clients do leg extensions, but that’s another story for a different day. But anyway, as soon as said client was done with her leg extensions, she moved into what i believe to be, the most ungodly, nightmarish attempt at a deadlift i have possibly ever seen. Her back was similar to the St. Louis Arc, and also, very similar to Igor in the Frankenstein movies. Her back was rounded so much, I thought maybe she was going into a tumbling routine. And what was her trainer doing? Oh, just staring off into space, couldn’t give a care in the world. I almost stopped her myself, in fear of her rearranging some vertebrae, but i held back. Not my place. Anyway. I watched this work out go on, and saw a few more disgusting shows of form, then i just left. Heartbroken. My point is, some trainers checked out a LONG time ago. They just want their money for the session, and you can do whatever the hell you want. Not a good thing in my book. The question I ask, is why do these people pay those trainers? Take home lesson for all you kiddies. Ask for a session for free, or ask to watch them train someone else. Just figure out what you are getting into before you make a committment to someone who works for Globo Gym.