One of my personal training clients told me about this workout the other day. They said they do this program from time to time, when they aren’t workin on their fitness with me. I’m not in Las Vegas this weekend, but in a cold town called Manistee, Michigan. Doing the show here, is a challenge for me, because the exercise equipment, and nutrition here leave something to be desired. But, this program, could help that. It’s called P90X. All you need is a tv and dvd player, a couple of weights, and some amazing dedication. I decided to watch one of the dvd’s, to see what this program is all about. Now, I don’t know the whole program, so i can’t form a valid opinion about the whole workout system yet, so what I’m writing about will be based on one dvd, which is the Ab Ripper DVD. I watched this video, which is about 15 minutes. Basically it takes you through around 15-20 different ab exercises in 15 minutes. The only thing i got out of this is that by the end of 15 minutes, your abs are burning like a mofo. Now, you are gonna say, that’s a great workout then right? To me, no, it’s not. I bet you if i gave you one ab exercise, and told you to do it for 15 minutes, your abs would still burn like a forest fire. The thing about it is to me, you don’t need to do abs for 15 minutes straight if you are incorporating them in every other aspect of your workouts. If you are engaging your core, as they like to say, using functional movements, I don’t think 15 minutes of ab work is necessary. I don’t know if all these other routines for P90X are similar, but if they are, anyone who does this is severely overworking their whole body. Focus on movements, not bodyparts. Anyway. it’s selling a ton of workout programs, so people are buying into the system. Maybe I should make my own dvd. Call it T84Z. We’ll do it in six less days:)