Unless you live on Saturn, you know the Olympics are going on. You’ve got Michael Phelps winning like 700 gold medals, Lebron and Co. scoring 500 points against Nigeria, those one archery dudes doing that archery thing, and fencing. Fencing. Yup. But my favorite part of the Olympics is Track and Field. Best bodies, most exciting, and broadest range of athletic abilities. Out of all the events, sprinting is my favorite. So I’m going to take you through a sprinting workout right now. Sprinting is one of the best workouts to just kill the fat off your body, and can be done in less than half an hour. Word of caution here though. Don’t just go to your local track and start blazing. The first few times you get out there, you need to build up to this workout. For those of you initiated already with sprinting, go ahead, try this out. Oh yeah. Another word of advice. Get a GOOD warm up before you go to full speed sprinting. Start with drills like, skipping, walking lunges, high knees, frankenstein’s, prisoner squats, and jumping jacks to get those muscles warm. Here we go: After each sprint, WALK back to your starting position, and by the time you get back there, it’s time for your next repetition. 50 meter 50′s- Run 5o meters, at 50% max effort. Do 5 of these. Build Ups- These will be 100 meters long. Start off in a jog, and every 10 meters or so, pick up the pace to a point where the last 10 meters is an all out sprint. Do 5 of these. Backwards- 80-100 meters long, simply, run backwards. Give it about 85% effort. Get 4 of these in. 95′s- 75 meters, give these sprints almost all out effort at 95%. 4 times around here. There you have it. Take a couple laps around, and you are done. You’ll be looking like Justin Gatlin in no time.