Most people, if we are being honest, aren’t being honest about what they eat.  Not to their trainers, nutritionists, counselors or doctors.  It’s just the way of life, I guess.  Over the years, I try to get a sense of how much probability of success there will be with a client, when they tell me what they eat on a daily basis.  A lot of times, what people tell me is the equivalent of what a high fashion model would eat when she was told to lose three pounds for a shoot next week.

The problem with this is I know it’s not true.  The interesting thing is we won’t admit that we do anything wrong.  We’ll totally neglect gas station food or candy we get, cake we have at kids parties, an extra chicken nugget or two, etc.  If we have those things, our bodies don’t ignore them.  If you can’t tell me to a “t” exactly what you ate, you aren’t doing everything you can to reach the goals you are looking for.  We can pretend it’s like we are 10 years old again, where we move around so much it doesn’t matter, but that’s not real life any more.

I get it.  Tracking your food intake is SO ANNOYING.  The cool thing about it though, it doesn’t lie.  Most people will lie to themselves about what they are eating, but if you track every little morsel of food and drink, then you’ll have a clear picture of what is going wrong or right.  Don’t get me wrong, part of this is for MY benefit, because you know what thing people will blame their lack of results on?  Their trainer who sees them at most, a few times a week for an hour at a time.

Bottom line, just try to track EVERYTHING you eat for a week.  I think you’ll be surprised to see that there are things in there that add up to a lot of extra pounds if you add that up over the course of a year.