It’s a new year.  What’s that mean?  Goals.  Resolutions.  New versions of the same people.  We all take a minute or two to reflect on the year past, and possibly ruminate on the upcoming years possibilities.  Today, I’m going to share mine.  I won’t get into what they all mean.  Maybe I’ll do that in another post.  Some are self explanatory, and some are continuous goals I’ve been striving for.  But, here goes nothing!

-Finish My Kwik Learning Course

-Finish Gray Institute 3D MAPS

-Get 100 Monthly Group Clients

-Start Online Training The Way It Is Meant To Be

-Say What I Feel More

-Read 100 Books This Year

-Talk To My Parents More

-Start Proving WHY What We Do Is The Best

-YouTube 2 Times A Week

-Get Rid Of Facebook Again

-Blog Post Every Day

-Lose The Connection To Social Media

-Self Care Like The Good Old Days

-Reach 5% Bodyfat


These aren’t ALL my goals for the year, but I think this can be a great start.  When looking at goals, you don’t want to be TOO lofty with them.  I think these are attainable AND challenging for me.

Let’s see what can happen in the new year!  What are some of your goals?