It seems like everywhere you look, someone wants to lose weight. That someone might be you. If it is, you need to read this. Losing weight is dead. Not really, but the concept of having that be your motivation SHOULD be dead, and I’ll explain why.

How does losing weight tell you if you are getting in shape? It really doesn’t, does it. I lost 3 pounds this week. Was that good for me? You have no idea. I have no idea if those are the only numbers I have at my disposal. But all this time, for years, DECADES, we’ve been told that we need to lose weight. The problem is, we need at least SOME of that weight, don’t we?

If it were just about losing weight, why would anyone want muscle on their frame? Why would we drink water and not just dehydrate ourselves? Why wouldn’t we just fast when we were feeling a little “heavy”? The reason is because those things are kinda dumb when you think about it. Muscle is a requirement for health, water is a requirement for health, and food is as well. Guess what all of those have in common. They all have weight to them.

So why would we think that losing weight is the answer to our health issues and happiness? Simple answer, we’ve been told a lie for quite some time now. Our focus on the surface level in society as well as ourselves is an easy thing to look at because we can see it without digging deeper. That’s why if we “only lost a little bit of weight” that would supposedly fix our issues. Not when we look to the second and third levels.

What you are made of is a better way to look at your health, and if you pay attention to that, more than likely, that surface that you’ve been judging yourself on will improve as well. When I weigh 200 pounds and 85 of those pounds are fat, I’ll look a certain way. When I weight 200 pounds and 25 of those pounds are fat, I’ll look a very different way. In both instances, I’m still 200 pounds, so we need to get over the focus on weight and start focusing on what that weight consists of.

More about our InBody Test

This is why we decided to purchase an InBody 570. This scan can tell you not only how much fat you have relative to weight, but also how much HEALTHY muscle you have, where you have most of it, and if you have any crazy differences from side to side. If you have one side much stronger than the other side, it may warn you of impending problems if you don’t remedy that. We can also tell how much excess fluid you have in your body, which may indicate sickness or injury. These are two things we would also likely address if we are trying to improve our health. So this may be something of interest to you if you’d not only like to increase your health, but also improve your surface level physical attributes. We do have special rates for our members as well as options for non-members.

In summary, we need to get rid of the idea that losing weight is the end goal. Losing Weight is Dead. Let’s start focusing on what our weight is made up of, and how we can improve that. If we do, the looks and that side of things will work themselves out.