More than likely, we’ve all had a trainer, coach, or teacher. I was in my TRX class today, and in my fitness camp yesterday, and the same thing happened in both of them. I explained an exercise, demonstrated it, and then instructed the class to do the same exercise. What I saw were two very different versions of my explanation and demo. I decided to explain the differences, what I wanted in the move, what I didn’t want, what made the execution of the move incorrect, and the possible consequences of continuing the move incorrectly. What do you think I saw after that? I saw more of the same. This was after I went around, and even corrected a few people. Those same people I corrected, went back to the same incorrect version that they wanted to do. Which are the same versions that will get them nowhere close to the end goal they have in mind. My point is this. Your instructors, teachers, coaches, trainers, etc are trying to TEACH you something. They aren’t just talking or demonstrating to waste time or their breath. There are people in my classes, for whatever reason, will not listen to the instruction. Like I said, I’d go so far as to the point of physically moving their bodies in the right postural position, and they would change it back immediately when I turned around. The point is not to do your own made up version of whatever lesson there is to be learned. The point is executing the movement, or knowledge, to the best of your ability. As far as fitness goes, peoples egos get in the way for sure. I have people doing 30 pound medicine ball slams, when they should be doing 20 pound slams because they cannot lift the ball in the correct position. They’ve found a way to get the ball from point a to point b, but the journey is the exercise, and their journey is definitely off the map. In conclusion. Listen to Me. And people like me. Your instructors are trying to HELP you become better at what you do. If you decide to tune them out, you are wasting valuable knowledge and experience, and in turn, more than likely, those instructors will start to think you are a lost cause, because time and time again, you don’t implement their instructions, and brush them off as not needed. Help us, help you.