You ever see that movie Remember The Titans, with Denzel Washington? It’s one of my favorite movies of all time. If you haven’t seen it, I assume you don’t own a television, because it’s a must see. It’s a Disney flick, come on! Anyway, it’s about a high school football team, that integrates whites and blacks, back in the Civil Rights era. There is a part in the movie, where the assistant coach tells the players a very inspirational speech and says “Leave no doubt”. You gotta see the movie. This phrase caught my attention though. Leave No Doubt. What does this mean to you, and can you apply it to your own life? I think the answer is yes. Since I’m an exercise and fitness guy, we are going to apply this in that mindset. When you work out, do you exercise to the point where you know that workout is going to get you stronger, shoring up your weaknesses in flexibility, and helped take away any movement dysfunctions or pain you may be having by foam rolling, stretching and dynamic warm up exercises? Yes? No? Maybe you just went through the workout, did a few half ass burpees, got a little sweat going and said, “ehhh, good enough”. Problem is, was that good enough? More than likely, it wasn’t. If we quit before we give it our all, or if we don’t really pay attention to the form with which we are moving, you are NOT “leaving no doubt”. Let’s take a pushup, which I see happen in the gym, to varying degrees of beauty. Some people take that pushup and make it one of the most beautiful things in the world, by controlling the tempo of the up, the tempo of the down, putting their hands underneath their shoulders, and directing the movement in symphony. This doesn’t mean everyone I see doing this can do full pushups, this means that they are leaving no doubt, that they are going through the perfect standards of movement to get stronger. On the other hand, I see people busting out rep after rep, of THEIR version of a pushup, with their hands wide, and out in front of their body, not leading with the chest, and letting their elbows bend about a total of three inches… leaving ALL KINDS of doubt. This will not get them stronger, it will not get them to progress, and then two months down the road, they aren’t any stronger, or have any less body fat on their frames. You have to look at everything you are doing and ask yourself if you left no doubt, that what you did, brought you as close to your goal as it could have that day. You can apply this anywhere in your life. If we want to talk about diet, did you eat the way you should, unequivocally, to lose fat, or gain muscle, or whatever it is you are trying to do? When trying to get a job, are you exhausting all your outlets, doing all the necessary requirements to get the position? Are you learning all you can, reading all the books, listening to your parents, about the skills of parenting? You can live your life full of doubt, and regret what you DIDN’T do. “If only you would have tried harder”, “if only you would have studied more”, “if only you would have listened to your parents”. If you leave no doubt, you at least, know WHY you stand WHERE you stand.