Do you want to learn to say no? Well, do you have goals? Are those goals directly correlated to birthdays, parties, and people in town visiting, or do they go against those things? Maybe your goals even go against the nature of your family members. I always talk about the fitness world, and today is no different. Let’s say you want to get in shape, but being in shape isn’t your natural habitat. your natural habitat is eating at barbecues, watching movies, and drinking beer. You have lots of good friends who do the same thing with you. How do you change those habits, and get in shape. Well, the big thing, besides knowing that you’ll have to have a completely different mindset than you do currently, is that you’ll have to learn how to say no. If you are trying to change, but the people around you are not, they won’t understand why you can’t have one or two slices of pizza, or why you can’t go to a movie and skip your workout. They still see those things as what they do in normal life. YOU cannot see that as normal life anymore. So while you know that you need to change your priorities and mindset, you still have your circle of friends around who want to party, eat crap food, and be lazy. You also have friends that come into town, and want to go to nightclubs. You also have family, that wants to make sure you are well fed when you see them. You also might have a girlfriend, or boyfriend, that likes to hang out with you, and when you hang out, you generally do things like watch movies, or go eat. What you need to get really good at, is saying “No thanks”. Every decision you make, from here on out, should be determined with your main goals in mind. If you truly have a goal, that you want to accomplish, you can think of it no other way. EVERY weekend, someone will come into town that never comes to Las Vegas. It’s always SOMEONES birthday. Your parents more than likely will always want to give you comfort food. You have to learn to say no. It’s OK. They might not agree with you, but eventually they’ll understand that that’s how you are now. My parents did. My friends did. Yes, I did get invited to less things, but those things I was being invited to, didn’t coincide with my goals, so even though you feel like you should be hurt, it’s kind of a blessing. Doesn’t make you any less friends with the people. If they invited me swimming, I wouldn’t go to that either, so they’d eventually stop inviting me swimming. Anyway, I think you get my point. Say no to the things that don’t help you get to your goal. That includes parties, crappy restaurants, alcohol, and Doritos Tacos. Trust me on this one. Learn to say no.