I’m watchin Family Guy right now, sitting in my warm Las Vegas casita, and it occurs to me, it’s cold outside. No, that’s not really it. It’s that I’m so proud of myself for inventing Windows 7. No, that’s not it either. Ok, basically i was wondering why people don’t stay motivated to work out during the winter. I know it’s not a real winter here. The lows are like 25, which is a high in Iowa, but it is still cold. My personal training experience has told me less people work out in the months of November and December, and pick it up in January for the new year. Whatever works for those people, but i like to stay in shape all year round. I will say that it is easier to stay in, watch reruns of Family Guy and warm up in your Snuggie, but seriously, where does that get you? The answer is fat and on the couch. The thing to figure out is what motivates you to get up off your ass when it’s cold outside. Maybe you like snowboarding, or maybe you like to ski, or play hockey or ice skate. Find your own workout. Don’t lose your fitness in the cold months. No reason to take two months off. I’m not going to. The couch is comfortable, but exercise is rewarding. Night y’all!