On my way back to Las Vegasbuffet-eating, from a trip to Pendleton, Oregon, and Lewiston Idaho for American Storm, I have realized a few things. Time, in certain areas, has not progressed in 20 years, ie: no internet connection, and it is very hard to stick to a workout and nutrition schedule on the road, given some certain circumstances. The workout part of it for me, was not hard. Being a personal trainer, i can figure out a great workout in a closet. But for the random person staying in a hotel without fitness facilities, they could be left wondering what to do when the closest gym is 15 minutes in a car, that they probably didn’t rent. Anyway, the problem i found, was that the only option for food for us, was the buffet. Bad idea. In a place where there is more dessert options than actual food, we were in trouble. The key to all this is what you eat of course, but also what you eat FIRST. I’ll make this short, and helpful. Try and find all the vegetables they offer that are not cooked. Most likely, when these people cook the veggies, they are loaded in butter and oils. So get the raw stuff. And just smother yourself in them:) Then go for the lean proteins, then water, and then more veggies.