Tony Cress Personal Training – TRX Classes

TRX-Enhanced Mobility

This TRX Suspension Training course focuses on relearning how to move efficiently, without pain, increasing your range of motion, while getting strength and cardiovascular challenges.

Fusion TRX

This 30 minute class combines the TRX trainer with other tools, such as kettlebells, jump ropes, battling ropes, and medicine balls. Built to shock the body, by never doing the same thing twice!

TRX Fundamentals

30 Minute Class addressing the fundamental functions of suspension training, while working on mobility, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

The Burn

The Burn is a 30 minute class on the TRX, that challenges even the most in shape individuals. Constantly moving while in session, this class is built to maximize calorie expenditure!

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*Cancellation Policy:  Classes must be canceled no later than 4 hours prior to start of class to retain class credit.