Las Vegas and the rest of the country, ask yourself this question. Are you where you want to be right now? It’s April, and the months are warming up. Is this where you expected your fitness level to be at, right now? Have you lost that bodyfat that you planned on doing in January? What have your workouts been like? Are you following your nutrition the way you had planned? Ok. That’s about 15 questions, not one. Who’s counting though? Anyway. If you are exactly where you planned to be, good job! It takes a lot of dedication and determination to reach the fitness and exercise goals some people come up with. You are prime examples of what you can do when you put the knowledge and desire to work for yourself. Keep doing what you are doing. For those of you, who still think you have some work to do, you still have time. You can decide, today, that you are going to start changing things. The way you eat. What your workout is like. Little things, like deciding to eat at least two solid vegetables today, is a huge start. Might not seem like much, but it sets the wheels in motion. Deciding to go to the gym today. That is another great start. Why keep waiting, when your results are waiting for you to go get them? Just wanted to give you guys some things to think about. Just spend five minutes, mapping out how you can get to those fitness goals you have, or any goals for that matter. Ask yourself why you haven’t reached them, and how you can change the things you do to get to them. Have a great day folks!