Las Vegas is a fast city, let’s be honest. With all these casinos, nightclubs and attractions, it has to be. Being a personal trainer here is no different. “How fast can you get me in shape? How quick can I lose ten pounds? When will I start seeing results?” All these are questions people ask me. I’d like to ask all of them the following questions. “How quick did you put on the weight you are trying to lose in 2 weeks? How hard are you willing to work? What, if anything are you going to change in your nutrition?” So many people ask me about this diet pill, or that supplement. This cleanse or that one? Which works? I already answered the question with a few of my own. What are YOU willing to do, with your habits? I don’t think a pill is going to make you lose 20 pounds. That pill might make you think you are losing weight, or getting fit, but it’s usally the other things you do. Take HCG for example. You take these injections or drops, and supposedly you lose all this weight. That’s all well and good, but here’s where the weight loss occurs. You eat about 500 calories a day. That’s well below the 2000 calorie RDA we have for the general population. I myself eat about 3500-3800 calories every day. Yeah, I’d probably lose weight. I’m going to end with this. If you have gained weight over time, it’s probably best you lose that weight over time as well. The quick fixes aren’t pills or cleanses, they are working out, and proper nutrition. Try those for a while, see what happens.