Get up! Right now! Do 20 jumping jacks. I’m a personal trainer in Las Vegas. This is my job to yell at you! Not really, but I think sometimes people need a little kick in the nuts. I mean, butt. Nuts would be funnier, but the butt gets ya going. It’s time to get in shape. I hear so often, I mean SO OFTEN, people tell me, “Yeah, I need to get back in shape. I should call you.” Well, call me then. I think that most of the reasons people aren’t in shape, aren’t because they don’t have time, or they are too busy, or they have health problems, or they have bad genes. The reason most people aren’t in shape is because they aren’t taking accountability for what they do. Enough people don’t get up off their asses and DO SOMETHING. It’s not about time. Everyone has the same amount of time in the day. Some people choose to work out, and some people don’t. Whether or not you have things to do in the day, is irrelevant. I have things to do in the day, and so does the president. Both of us seem to find time to work out. It’s not about how many kids you have. I know a woman with six kids, a regular job, AND a six pack. Tell me how that works. It’s also not about your genes. I know multiple people with a family history of obesity, yet they are a picture of health. It’s about YOU, and what you do. It’s about where you choose to use your time. Are you going to watch the latest episode of Jersey Shore, or are you going to watch the latest episode of Jersey Shore while doing your cardio? Are you not working out and attaining your goals because you don’t know how? Then get help. You don’t have to get a personal trainer. Look online. It’s not the best way to go, but information is ALL OVER the place. If you have no idea where to start, just google, “how to work out”. There’s your start. Now. Get up!