There are tons of gyms in Las Vegas. Some offer personal training. Some have pools. Some have basketball courts. Most offer cardio machines and exercise equipment. Some are just for fighting. The list goes on and on. But what if you don’t have the money for a gym membership? Or you don’t want to be hit on by every dude in the place. Or you haven’t paid your monthly dues in 3 years and you owe Las Vegas Athletic Club $484 and they won’t let you work out there until it’s paid off. Whatever. You don’t need a gym membership to get all jacked up, or just get more muscle tone. The other day, I worked out. Shocker I know. But I took this thing, called a TRX, and did my whole workout on it. It basically is a rope with two handles, but the company makes it look pretty. Anyway, i haven’t had a workout like that in a while. Felt like it taxed my whole body. I was doing all these creative exercises with just my bodyweight, and it was killin me. The actual system costs about 150 bucks, but you’d never actually have to go to the gym ever again with this thing. My point is, you don’t have to have all these crazy machines the gym has to get in shape. Most people use it as an excuse to not work out. My gym doesn’t have this so I don’t go, or whatever. Come on dude. Get with it. If you have a floor, and a door, you can workout. That’s really all you need. I’ve been in a pissy mood lately because so many people come up with so many excuses to not work out, but then, they complain about being out of shape. You can really work out anywhere, any time. You don’t need a gym. So, meet me at the park for fitness camp in a week. You’ll see what I’m talking about:)