Well, here we go guys. I am 21 days into my own June Fitness Challenge. For those of you who don’t know, I decided to make a fitness goal of losing 3% bodyfat for the month of June. I have 9 days left, and I just wanted to update you on my status. Right now, I have been for the most part, eating very clean. Most of my meals consist of either a protein shake with skim milk, 6 egg whites, one yolk, and a cup of spinach mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil and some salsa, or a chicken breast, broccoli, and a cup of rice. The first week, went GREAT. within one week, I lost a percentage and a half of bodyfat. This is going to be easy right. Nope. Since that first week, I have only lost a half percent more. I will admit, my nutrition plan has taken a detour due to gifts from a couple clients. I still have yet to find out if they are trying to sabotage me on purpose:) Anyway, I have 9 days left, to lose a whole percentage bodyfat. This is going to be tough, and a real tight race. Who do you have? The bodyfat, or me? Choose wisely.