It’s time to really start juicing again. I’ve been slacking, you’ve been slacking, let’s get back on track. I think we should have an accountability challenge, as well as a new place to share our recipes, what kinds of juicers we use, and THE LIFE. If you’ve never juiced before, and want to start, if you have been juicing for years and have all the recipes, or if you are somewhere in between, I want this to work for you, as a student of the juicing game, or a teacher. You choose. This is all about people helping people become better people. I’ve started a facebook page for the cause, which you can “like” here: Feel free to share this page with your friends or family who juice, or if it’s just you on a solo mission, everyone is welcome! I’ll be posting weekly challenges as well as recipes of my own, and ones that I think would be cool to try. I hope to see you there, and feel free to post your own pictures, and how you juice!