It’s funny. Most people say they know what they are doing when it comes to working out and what they should be doing on the day to day with their health. Most people don’t do those things until something bad happens to them. It’s that whole denial thing. Nothing is wrong until it’s wrong. Even if your body gives you signals that something is going to go wrong, you ignore it until it goes VERY wrong

Call it human nature. We run things into the ground until they need to be replaced. The problem? We only have one body. I get it, we can replace parts of it now, but then the fluidity of it doesn’t work quite as well or as harmonious. That aluminum in your ankle is more than likely causing some movement pattern deficiencies and you don’t even recognize it. And THAT can lead to a torn ACL or a host of other problems.

When there is pain or discomfort and you’ve never “hurt” yourself, your body is putting its check engine light on. Something isn’t working right. Now it is up to you to figure ot what that is in a timely manner before the system shuts down and breaks on you.