A lot of new members at TCPT don’t know where to begin.  Some people looking into training at our facility are intimidated by staying a health and wellness program, so they get scared of of commitment.  I’m going to try to help a few of those people out with this handy post.  Here’s a step by step guide at how to succeed at TCPT!

1.  Get started doing the monthly auto debit and commit to yourself.

2.  Meet up with one of the TCPT coaches to assess your starting point and set reasonable, attainable goals pertaining to fitness, nutrition and enjoyment of your life.

3.  Begin your first workout, preferably starting with an IMPACT Fitness Camp session or FitRanx workout.  (this isn’t mandatory, but it will give you a good build up to ALL of the workouts.)

4.  Make a commitment and schedule out 3 workouts a week at TCPT for the first month.

5.  Join one of the TCPT inspired Challenges.

6.  Seek guidance from other members to see what’s worked for them.

7.  Bask in your newfound happiness and success in becoming a better person!

There are a few other things that will go along with the ride, but these are good guide posts.  You’ll learn about nutrition while you are here, posture, making time for yourself, prioritizing things, and WHY you do the things you do.  If you don’t understand why, you’ll see it as irrelevant.  We can’t have that!

We wish you luck at TCPT, and always know that you can ask us questions about nutrition, working out, and anything on this journey.  That’s one of the benefits as opposed to going to a bigger gym, much more personal attention.