This post is about how to lose weight quickly. I know if you live in Las Vegas, you are probably looking for some easy magic pill, or to cut water, or to do some weird fasting trick. Some of those things WILL work, as far as losing weight quickly. But wouldn’t you rather lose weight, and keep it off? How you do it, is not easy, but if you actually commit to it, this will work. It’s called eating real food. Real food is not man made. Real food is not found in the aisles of the grocery store. Real food is found on the perimeter. Fruits, vegetables, meats, chicken and fish. If you stick with that, you will lose weight quickly. Most people will say that’s not enough variety. If you can name ALL the fruits and vegetables in a grocery store, I will admit my love for velour track suits right now. With all the varieties of fruits and vegetables, the massive amounts of different types of fish, different cuts of meat, and on and on, you will NOT run out of variety. It’s as simple as that. Make a commitment to actually doing something difficult, and the rewards are much more…. rewarding. Try it for a week. Eat only real food. This will take some planning at first, but you can do it. See what happens in a week when you eat multiple times a day, with each meal consisting of some veggies, and a protein. You won’t be disappointed.