The majority of people who train weekly don’t get the results that they want. Why do you think that is? Well, the reason is that they don’t train hard enough when they do train, and they’re not consistent enough when they do train.

I see people on the daily come in who are people who come in two or three times a week, and they just aren’t giving the effort that you need to give to produce results from training.

Intentional effort is a big deal. You can show up, do the exercises and NOT see results. Even though you made the effort to show up, you didn’t do the work. Doing the work IS the challenge. Showing up doesn’t get you any points. I can show up to the basketball court, sit on the bench and watch people play, or I can shoot some free throws,or I can play in a lazy pickup game. But in order to get better, I have to focus. I’ve got to work on technique, ball handling, getting movements or fundamentals correct, THEN i benefit on the court. So many people skip mastering the fundamentals of an exercise and want to skip to the flashy parts. That’s when it becomes a waste of time and just unsafe cardio.

Mastering the fundamentals in itself is a workout and THEN you get to put the fundamentals in play to rev that workout up to make it more worth your while.