I have discussions like this daily,  but it tends to occur with people and nutrition.

When a problem is presented with a solution, then another thing pops up, or that solution isn’t what they want to do, or that didn’t work for them when they tried it for a day. 

I get people arguing with me who have no background in exercise or nutrition…. arguing with me about exercise and nutrition because of:
“what worked for them”

More than likely, they’ll talk about a scenario, a decade ago in which they somehow miraculously knew exactly what they did when they were 25 to get the body they wanted.  They can tell me what they ate on a daily basis down to the ounces of 93/7 ground beef each weekday in February,  but can’t remember what they ate this morning, where in neither case did they food journal.

The choices you make from a young age come back to haunt you as you get older… or help you continue to be healthy or able to perform.   Just because you were 27, eating like garbage, working out all the time and ripped, did not mean that is the equation for getting back into that shape.  Your body was fighting against your choices that whole time.  You just didn’t know any better to recognize it.

Fast forward into your mid 30’s.

You feel like you lost some athleticism, some shape.  You work out way less, on the day to day, you move way less and you still eat the same as you did when you were ripped.  It’s obviously the exercise, right?  I mean,  that’s part of it.  This is where food really hits hard.   You need less food now because you don’t do as much,  but you still need nutrients to support health.   Those Double cheeseburgers aren’t cutting it anymore, says your body, but there is energy there, so let’s just store that as fat for later.  Nevermind that we need all kinds of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and a ton of other micronutrients to stay alive, be alive and feel alive, you gave your body this garbage burger and oil.  That’s what you gave your body.  Why do you think it would do anything other than disrespect you? I mean,  that’s what you’ve always done, but if you paid attention to the signs, that’s never what your body was great at performing with.