There are all kinds of gyms in Las Vegas. There are meathead gyms, social fitness centers, money hungry corporate gyms, and sole owner personal training studios (like mine). This, for the most part, applies to all areas of the country, so most people know what I’m talking about, unless you live in Iowa where most people have only one or two options for places to go to work out. Let’s take a look at a few of these places, and maybe you’ll figure out which one you fit in. If you are looking to actually get in shape, and not find a gilfriend or boyfriend, you actually have a few options. In my opinion, a small personal training studio like mine is the best option. I know, I know, I’m biased. Think about this for a minute though. At a studio like mine, it’s basically you, and the personal trainer. You are there to work out, and they are there to get you in shape. A lot of sweat, and a lot of heavy breathing, but for all the right reasons. Of course this is the pricey option, but guess what. It’s also the most successful. When people invest money, into getting a personal trainer they don’t want to just flush it all down the drain. When you pay for a gym membership, I don’t know the actual numbers, but I am guessing more than %60 of the people who join, use the gym less than 5 times a month, because the rates are so low, it’s not as if you even notice it in your bank account. One thing I will say about a personal training studio that may not work out for some people, is they don’t have the vast array of machines. But, if you are working with the right trainer, all you need is a bench some dumbells, and some effort. Another benefit of a personal training studio is that you just have to show up and do the work. You don’t have to think of the exercises in your workout, your personal trainer does. In fact, your personal trainer designs everything you do as far as exercise goes. This can be very benficial to those who are looking for a stress reduction, as well as those looking to get in shape. I could go on and on about this, but if you really want to get in shape, this is a no brainer. The next best thing, is to me, a smaller gym. There are a lot of Anytime Fitness’ in Las Vegas, as there are throughout the country. I joined one in Geneva, Illinois, during my best friends wedding. I wanted to work out, and it was right across the street. These smaller franchise gyms charge a bit more than the big commercial gyms, but they do so, to make you happier with their customer service. At these smaller gyms, you kind of have a family feeling about them. Most people are there to literally work out, and become familiar with the other members, because usually there aren’t many members packed into the gym. At the same time, everyone has a mutual respect for everyone else, and working out, is the main reason to come to a gym like this. There are no frills, just machines, dumbells, personal trainers, and you. You don’t get caught up sipping a protein shake and discussing last nights debauchery at the latest club. Then there are the other options. We have a big one here in Las Vegas, which will remain nameless. There are a few locations throughout the city, and it has rightfully earned the “club” part of it’s name. This place is not condusive, to me for the optimum workout, because, a lot of people there, go there just to see people. People spend more time on their cell phones, talking to each other, and in a full face of makeup, than actually working out. There are about 100 personal trainers there, which is good, since there are about 5000 members there at any one time. The only problem is that %75 of the trainers, aren’t really practicing a healthy lifestyle. There are usually a few great trainers, and you can see that because they are always busy. Another positive about this place is they have literally TONS of equipment. They are also open 24 hours. Clubs like this in your city may not have the hours we do here in Las Vegas, which is unfortunate. This place also comes stocked with a juice bar, which has some healthy and some not so healthy options. It’s a great place if you are motivated enough to work out on your own and stay focused, but all in all, there are too many distractions here. I’m not saying you can’t get in shape here, it’s just a lot more difficult. The last option is the big corporate gym. These usually only exist in big cities, so if you aren’t in one, good for you. These places are in business to make money, as is anyone in business, but they are doing it at your expense. You usually pay higher rates than the “club” gym, which is super cheap, but you also get none of the amenities. They are there to sell, sell, sell. That’s fine for some people, but when you pay more for a gym that doesn’t fix equipment in a timely manner, a lot of times you get frustrated, and it hurts the consistency of your workouts. The personal trainers here are adequate, and for the most part are there to help, because corporate takes a huge percentage of the personal training packages, which is a double edged sword. On the one hand, you have people who are actually there to help. On the other hand, you have personal trainers, who are a little inexperienced, because the more knowledgable trainer will want more money than they would get at one of these gyms. The good thing about this gym though, is that generally the people here are here to work out, and you may, if equipment allows, get something good out of these places. So now it’s your job to figure out, where, if any of these places you fit in. Maybe none of these fit who you are, and you want to try P90X. I don’t know. Give it a shot!